CONTENTMENT by Ineke Cornish

Recently I read story of a rich employer who heard one of his employees say “If I had $1000 I’d be perfectly content. He drew out his chequebook and wrote her a cheque for $1000 saying he’d always wanted to meet someone who was perfectly content. As he walked away he heard her mutter ‘I wish I’d asked for $2000!”

It’s not an uncommon reaction sadly…. So often the desire for more (eg. money, power, status, popularity, etc) drives our motivation and ambition. We strive to be successful and competitive, thinking that if we achieve a particular goal we’d be content. In fact the opposite is usually true and we hear time and again heart breaking stories of very successful artists, athletes, leaders, entrepreneurs who realize that all their success has not brought them the contentment or security they hoped for.Continue reading

Lessons from my craft room – Ineke


Today I would like to share my love of craft and relate it to Bible truths.

I was blessed to grow up in a family that were heavily involved in crafts of various kinds. My dad was a very talented cabinet maker,  my mum was a brilliant knitter and I can barely remember a time she didn’t have knitting needles in her hands, and my sisters are accomplished needle workers and paper crafters.

In turn I love painting! Each painting involves quite a long process of planning, designing, and adapting an idea to achieve a cohesive picture. As many artists would tell you, finishing the painting gives a great sense of satisfaction especially, if the work enhances the initial idea.Continue reading


A family friend wrote this poem a number of years ago which I find  just as relevant and comforting today as it was then, and I pray you will also be blessed by it. Ineke



                                IN GOD’S CARE   by June Cameron

God had you in His mind and heart before He made the earth,

He fashioned every circumstance to bring about your birth,

By making you a child of His He proved to you your worth.

So why are you so anxious now, so full of fear and doubt?

If you’d look back and see the way He’s blessed your life throughout,

You’d see it took the Master’s hand to bring it all about.

His love sustained you all the way, through sickness and despair,

He gave you friends and loved ones, and sweet fellowship to share,

With those who also love the Lord, plus grace beyond compare.

He asks you to conform your life to that of His dear Son,

He sent the Holy Spirit so the victory could be won.

We know He will complete in you the work He has begun.

Remember, nothing comes to you that God does not allow,

So live your life courageously, don’t muddle through ‘somehow’.

You’re in God’s plan forever and forever includes now.

What’s In a Heart

What’s In a Heart

by Mark Adams

Growing up as a teenager in the 60’s and 70’s, we thought the world was our oyster.  It was the era of flower power, rebellion against authority, and freedom from the ways of our parent’s.  It was the era of the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Credence Clearwater Revival. We were going to change the world and right the wrongs of previous generations.  We were revolutionaries!  We protested against nuclear weapons, the Vietnam War, injustice and the governments of the day.

But what happened?

Continue reading


Are you a worrier? Do you fret and lose sleep through worrying?

There are so many things in today’s busy and challenging society that can cause stress – finances, relationships, work or lack of it, health, children, and the list goes on. With the demands of modern life not many of us can escape feeling overwhelmed at times.Continue reading

The Immersive Process of Godly Living by W.R. Gingell

Learning a new language is a daunting prospect. According to my, ahem, extensive studies on Youtube, when you learn a new language, your brain begins the process of relearning, re-coding, and growing new recognition patterns. Your brain stores away those new words and sounds bit by bit as you study, and adds them to your recognition function so that your brain can predict words and word groups, making it progressively easier for you to speedily understand what you’re hearing.Continue reading